Key Criteria for Publication

Four criteria are necessary for a recommendation of acceptance for publication.

Regular Paper

  • NOVELTY, is it new science or a new approach to established science?

  • QUALITY, is the technical content accurate and well written?

  • APPROPRIATENESS, is the manuscript complete in and of itself, and within the scope of TMI?

  • IMPACT, will the work reported have a significant impact on the field or does it describe an incremental step?

Challenge Paper

  • Overall impact;

  • Clarity of the evaluation/validation approach, including how gold standards are established;

  • Novelty of the top-ranked methods;

  • Depth and breadth of the discussion for providing insights into methodological development for the community.

  • The paper must include:

    1. The web link to the Challenge proceeding, where all the challenge data/instructions can be accessed electronically; and

    2. Publicly accessible web links to authors’ codes for reproducible research.

Review Paper

Submissions are invited by the Editor-in-Chief.

  • Cover all significant research in the field being reviewed.

  • Provide a critical analysis of the research.

  • Identify gaps in the current research, conflicts among different studies, and areas where further research is required.

  • Cite high-quality sources.